From Turkey to the World First Turkish Woman Produces the Coffee Roasting and Grinding Machines in Garanti Roasters

 Garanti Roaster is established in 1951 by the deceased Mr. Mustafa UMSU. In Izmir Kemeraltı  Bazzar, Garanti Roaster was started producing the coffee grinders,  the spice grinders and the small size coffee Roasters at 7 m2 workplace. For developing the production and globalizing , Garanti Roaster provided a service to the customers at 300 m2 workplace. In 1970s, second generation of Garanti Roaster, Suleyman UMSU, has started exporting the Coffee Roasters, Grinders  and equipments of Roasting process to near countries as Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Romania, Macedonia and Georgia. Furthermore, Mr. UMSU stabilized  the Garanti Roaster’s position in the domestic market. Since 2004, Garanti Roaster is manufacturing the Coffee Processing Equipment as Coffee Roasters, Coffee Grinders; Cocoa Beans Roasters;  Malt, Black Rice, Barley and Wheat Roasters; Dried Fruit Roasters; Spice, Mineral and kinds of material Grinders; Loaders, Storage Equipments and Mixers at 2000mfactory in Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone.

 Sharing over 65 years of roasting and processing experience is the great pleasure for Garanti Roaster since divine fruit coffee is worth to be served professionally worlwide. This excitement brings us to the top of the world known and preferred brands. Since three generations, our passion and experiences with the excitement behind of it has been accompanied by millions through dozens of countries. “The result is a reputable brand that we pioneered the quality of our experience and we rely on our experience more and more every day.” Garanti Roaster attaches importance to the quality management, the food safety management systems and especially the conformity of the commodities.

 Garanti Roaster is exporting the products to all over the World, mainly all EUROPEAN Countries, England, USA, all African Countries, UAE Countries, USA and New Zealand. Distributors of Garanti Roasters are in Spain, Netherland, Ukraine ,USA and New Zealand.

 Third Generation of Garanti Roaster, Sinem UMSU AÇAN says “ People knows me that I am the first Turkish woman who is manufacturing of Coffee Roasting and Grinding Machines. I love the coffee and I am always improving myself about Coffee. My position in Garanti Roaster is to explain the importance of relation between the coffee and our machines, details of coffee processing to our international and domestic customers. The most powerful feature of our company is to satisfy our customers. The producing the machine according to customers’ requirements and having the strong after-sell service is value added to the registered our Garanti brand everyday.”